Welcome to March!

Written by Marie Gress, LMSW-Macro, Founder


Across the country in February people stop to talk about Black History Month, Black Lives, progress, oppression, notable people, and more.  This is one month where white people are challenged to go deeper with our (I'm white) implicit bias and decide how to take their call to action.

Honestly, unless there are unjust black deaths, we lose momentum on these changes as quickly as the average person falls off their New Years Resolution.

Kovir LLC has launched and facilitated a number of DE&I opportunities over the last few years, so we've decided to revisit this content with you over March.  Think of it as WizeCove helping you to keep up with the good practices you've hopefully developed over the last year and particularly this past February.  This is an opportunity to continue to challenge your boards, staff, teams, organizational policies, and yourselves.

March is a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on race.  We have webinars on black lives matter issues, content on violence to Asian Americans and impacts of social media stereotyping of Indigenous people, and an Ask Me Anything session at the end of the month. 


We do have some changes in the pipeline for the WizeCove platform that you will start to see this month, you'll be getting an email with much more detail soon.  Notably, if you have a paid membership - your benefits are not changing.  Free access to the community is improving.  High-quality paid content such as month-long live courses and workshops is improving.  Our membership and options are expanding.

We are very excited!

We'll talk soon.

Marie Gress, LMSW-Macro


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