Around the time our team decided to move forward with a senior center professional network, we had also finished watching the FrameWorks Institute's "Reframing Aging"  (it's great, you should watch it).  Their research found the best metaphor for the aging population is "Building Momentum" - inspiring, right?  We thought so.  Not only did we want to take their professional advice to promote the phrase within our business and beyond, but we also wanted our name to be as descriptive.  After going through the Theory of Change process, we fleshed out our mission and vision, and the name followed.

About WizeCove's Mission and Vision

Senior centers promote healthy aging of individuals and communities.  Associations bring senior center voices together to impact legislative work as well as playing a role in assessing the direction of the programs and services offered across your state or nation.  They often vet, promote, and/or make accessible evidence-based programs in our communities.

What our parent organization, KovirPage LLC, has found over the course of their work is often the persons working at senior centers are underserved.  While each and every person working at a senior center that we have talked to has been passionate about the older persons and community they serve, we've noted their chronic lack of funding has left staff themselves wanting more access to education in aging issues, professional development within their service area, collaboration withing their service area, physical and mental health benefits, and other typical employment benefits.

If we are to build momentum within our communities, we need to invest in our workplace.  If we are to build momentum in our workplace, we must invest in our professionals.

Our vision:  Wiser communities, wiser workplaces, wiser professionals.

Our mission: To equip and empower senior center professionals across the nation to be more effective, efficient, and have a greater impact. 

The Name 

Wize:  With knowledge and resource sharing being central to our mission, a wisdom theme seemed appropriate.  Wisdom also resonates with the older person aspect of the work we do at senior centers.  And if you are wondering about the z, this is a trademark trick that we can talk at length about another time if you wish.

We believe each person is wise.  We all have something we can bring to the table, something we are knowledgeable about.  Perhaps it's from your education, your experience, or something you are currently learning right now.

We believe together we are wiser.  When we share our different perspectives and wisdom with each other, as a collective we grow stronger.  The best leaders don't lead alone but rely on the voices of their team, consumers, and mentors to make informed decisions and grow professionally.  Everyone needs to contribute for this to work and all contributions will be respected.

Cove:  When I think of a cove, I think of someplace warm, peaceful, safe to gather while restricting access from outsiders.  Research shows environments like this allow for safe discussions, learning, and growth.

A "cove" has a retreat vibe to it, too.  During strategy sessions, our team kept envisioning a professional retreat culture, where participants could be relaxed and interactive but also focused and productive.  Feel free to be funny and mention hobbies as having bonds like this can improve the cove's ability to innovate!


We hope this helps shine light on who we are, who our members are, and who we collectively are becoming.  Write in the comments what ideas resonated with you the most.

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