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Building Momentum


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Building Wiser Community

With WizeCove you can talk with other professionals one-on-one, nationwide, or in a cluster. We’ll have clusters (also known as groups or chapters) available for your job type(s), special interest areas, and more. Whether you are an executive director, program coordinator, nutrition coordinator, volunteer coordinator, social worker, or board member, we are a place for you.

Connect - Collaborate - Grow Wiser

WizeCove is not only a community but also a space for collaboration, built especially for senior center staff and moderated by experts. Cultivate productive discussions and grow stronger as a cohort. Stay knowledgeable about what is affecting your roles, senior centers, and their participants.

WizeCove is a cove designed to foster growth not only as individuals but also as a group. We’ll offer exclusive events and workshops not only by our parent company, KovirPage, but we’ll get industry experts in technology, diversity, executive leadership, program and activity planning, fund development, dementia, and more.


Why are we doing this?

Senior Centers play a vital role in whole-person wellness and successful aging for individuals as well as communities. However, many regions across our nation don’t have a structure in place to ensure the professionals running these centers are equipped and supported as they should be. We'll start by connecting all job types together as well as continuing education.  We plan to grow to offer individual benefits such as EAP mental health services, mentoring, and more.

WizeCove can make it happen!

What makes WizeCove different?

Great question!

We are individual memberships that can follow you anywhere in the senior center industry.  Your membership is not tied to your organization, it's tied to you.

We believe our industry will develop wiser communities and wiser workplaces if we invest in making wiser professionals. Our leadership knows that when we invest in the efficiency and effectiveness of staff providing the service, overall impact and rate of change increases. Relationships, inclusion, and learning are key pieces in this process.

Another difference is we are owned by KovirPage LLC and are able to quickly change course or add content should our membership desire it.  KovirPage is a social enterprise but not a non-profit or board owned entity, we have a lot of freedom and flexibility to offer you. 

Our CEO, Marie, is a masters-level licensed social worker with specialties in macro practice and older adults. This has been a dream of hers ever since she worked at her first senior center as she is incredibly passionate about senior centers and the roles they play in cultivating intergenerational communities, empowering healthy aging, and combating ageism.

About KovirPage LLC: We are a social enterprise leveraging the strength and system-based approaches in our work as organization development specialists. We honor the resiliency of your organization as our specialists make improvements across your agency to further increase its efficiency and effectiveness. In short, we increase your impact by maximizing your capacity.
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